Disaster Response “Disaster Overhaul”

Disaster Overhaul is what we are calling it… Disaster Response Org is going through a site overhaul. Please be patient as we overhaul this site, update it, and bring you the very best in disaster preparedness.

Disaster Overhaul

What About You…

Do you live in an area that may be prone to flood, harsh winters, tornado, hurricanes? Tsunami, or earthquakes? Quite honestly if you live nearly anywhere there is always the potential for natural and even unnatural disasters that you may need to face either individually or as a family or community at some time or other.
Sources show…

  • 92% of Americans having survived a natural disaster say they are not prepared for the next one.

  • 85% of our nation is not ready for a devastating event.

  • 52% of Americans do not have copies of crucial personal documents.

  • 48% of Americans do not have emergency supplies.

  • 44% of Americans do not own a first aid kit.

*Source: FEMA.GOV


Getting Prepared Right to Survive and Thrive

Resources like Disaster Response Org are here to give you the best resources to outfit and prepare yourself to not only survive but ideally to survive and be of service in the event of disaster or natural calamity. Sit tight through our “Disaster Overhaul” and we will be back before you know it bringing you the best in tricks, tips, shortcuts, information, and resources necessary to get through the next event with ease.


Grab Your Bug Out Bag

So hold on to your disaster preparedness kits, grab a life raft or snow shelter and wait it out a little while longer as we finish our Disaster Overhaul and get back to bringing you the best in disaster prep.

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